Review: Rxmind Me

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Apps
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Maybe you’ll never have to be in a situation to use this app, but if you do, you’ll be SO glad that it’s developers have created it! RxmindMe is a wonderful solution for managing all of your prescriptions, OTC medications, vitamins, and supplements. Most importantly, if you are managing several meds (especially those that leave you a little loopy), this little free app will prove to be amazingly handy. Essentially, RxmindMe takes all of the guesswork out of what pills to take when, how many, which ones are getting low, and who to call to reorder.

Last year I had a nasty bout with kidney stones and was on about 4 different medications while being treated. Some of those meds were narcotics, and if you’ve had to endure that stuff, you know it can mess with your memory and sense of time. Unfortunately, RxmindMe hadn’t been developed yet and I was left with trying to create numerous alarms in the iPhone’s default Clock app. It wasn’t perfect nor efficient, but it got the job done.

Today I returned home from back surgery and I found myself once again in the “meds maze”. Out of desperation, I scanned the app store again and, viola, I found Rxmind Me…one of the easiest to use and practical apps in the app store.

According the developer’s website:

“RxmindMe allows you to create nine types of reminders – daily, our new every “x” days, hourly, weekly, on specific dates, on a specific day of a month, and on a specific week of the month. RxmindMe allows for unlimited prescription entry. Track all your meds

using secure iOS 4!”

So, you begin by entering in everything that you need to take, one by one. If you want, you can even specify which Dr. prescribed it, which pharmacy filled it, and the phone number to call for refills. Next you set the dosage, frequency, and schedule for each one. Then, you turn on notifications, go the the “Todays” screen, and go about your day until you’re told it’s time for some pills. What could top all of that? Well, if you put in the starting quantity of pills right from the start, you’ll be prompted to call the stored Pharmacy number to order your refill when the app sees that you’re about to run out. Bravo!

The interface is quite intuitive, although it would have seemed more logical to arrange the buttons in chronological order: “RX” button first, then “Reminders”, then “More” (other settings), and end with “Today” (which is the daily calendar/checkbox view). Even so, the app remains very easy to use and navigate.

Don’t be fooled! This handy little app isn’t just for those getting up there in years, but for all of us who need a little help keeping track of all those pesky pills. My wife was extremely grateful that I found RxmindMe and am using it…it frees her up to manage all of the other tasks and responsibilities of the day, especially the ones that I cannot tend to while on the mend.  You can download the app for free by clicking here.

iPhone911 Rating: 4.5 of 5


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