Comprehensive Password App Review

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Apps, Uncategorized

Well, the results are in.  Many were invited, some joined the race, but few survived the guantlet.  In the end, only a couple of these password and data managers merited our recommendation.  Here is the summary chart, followed by some detailed comments at the bottom of the review.

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== >Password-Manager-Review-2010-09-18 (9/18/10)

It may come as no surprise, but

Agile Software’s 1Password emerged as the clear winner.

That is, if you’re like me and want a one-stop shop for all of your secure-data storage needs, want quick wifi syncing, the option for using the app on multiple devices, and the option for dropbox synchronization (which is the wave of the future).  Yes, it’s pricey, but you get what you pay for.  It was the ONLY solution that accurately captured new website login information, retrieved it at login, flawlessly synchronized with multiple devices, and gave enough custom options in the iPhone menu to layout the buttons to our liking.  It’s clear that the Agile team is listening to their customers, have dedicated considerable resources/personnel, and time to making this a “best in class” solution.  Our top award goes to 1Password with 5 stars.

Next is Ascendo’s Datavault.

While it doesn’t have the breadth and refinement of 1Password, it does pack a serious punch in getting the job done.  While we actually prefer the look and feel of SplashID’s desktop interface to all of the others (including 1Password’s) Datavault beat out SplashID in the bug-free syntonization category. What good is a program if it looks good but can’t deliver the goods…right?  With a little more work, especially in the area of login id/password management and UI refinement, Ascendo could certainly give Agile a run for their money.  Maybe give the same multiple viewing options (such as SplashID’s desktop approach) if you want to gain the edge.  We give Datavault 4 stars.

Rounding out the top three is Zetetic’s Strip Sync

Even without a true desktop companion, Strip does offer the dedicated mobile user a rock-solid solution that is safe, secure, and extremely reliable.  In this case, less was more.  Their approach layout and methodology is intuitive, beautiful, and offers much promise for future releases.  We give Strip 4 stars (not for outshining the desktop competition) but for doing what it does the best!

Thanks to all of the vendors who supplied demo copies of their software and to all of you who are expressing a growing interest in these types of reviews.  If we could offer one bit of advice to you, the developers, it would be this:  Zero in on one or two products that you can really refine, test, and polish…and then release them when you are ready and staffed to support them fully.  Find your niche, stick to it, and ultimately that will serve your customers the best.  Trying to be all things to all platforms/people will result in frustration, lower ratings, and an ultimate tarnishing of your brand.  Agile, Ascendo, and Zetetic are onto something!

Please feel free to subscribe to our feed and request any apps or accessories that you’d like to see reviewed on iphone911!  Thanks for stopping by!

Update 9/19/10:

We have just spoken with SplashData regarding the trouble we encountered during testing.  There were some bug fixes what were available that we did not know about.  We will be reinstalling their software and sample data to do a full desktop/iPhone sync test again.  Results will be forthcoming in the next few days.  It’s possible that these fixes might resolve our issues, greatly help their ranking, and alter our “conclusive” results!


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