iPhone 4 Bumpers – CAUTION

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Accessories

Just in case you stood in line and got your new bling-ringer iPhone 4 (or were smart enough to pre-order), you may want to hold off on buying one of the Apple “Bumpers” (edge covering “case”) sold at Apple stores.  While they look nice and feel good in the hand, three of the cutout areas suffer from a design flaw that keep the user from being able to easily access the headphone jack, dock connector, and the silent mode switch.

Essentially, instead of using a tapered entry cutout that guides the plug into the slot (say, 45 degrees), the cutout opening is a squared edge (90 degrees).  What’s worse is that the straight-in cutouts are only 1mm larger than your plug or connector, requiring a perfectly straight push-in (which is pretty hard to do unless you’re really concentrating).  In fact, I couldn’t use the first audio plug in the headphone jack that I tried…or my car mounts (that feature dock connectors)…or my stereo’s ipod dock…and I had no luck switching the iPhone into silent mode without using a fingernail (and I can’t typically perform that trick without removing my iPhone from my pants pocket).  This means that:

  • Many audio plugs won’t fit through the bumper’s headphone jack opening
  • Many dock connecter bases won’t fit through the bumper slot
  • Unless people’s fingers are as small as an infant’s, they won’t be able to switch silent mode on/off without using a fingernail…making it impossible to perform the “quick silence” move while the iPhone is in your pocket (and mine is pocketed most of the time).

So, until further notice of a newer iPhone 4 Bumper model being made available, I’d steer clear of this product.   I’m returning mine.

  1. Roscoe says:

    I had the same thought when I went to use my new Bumper. You’d think they would have market tested it prior to release. Great heads up. Thanks!

  2. Iphone911 says:

    […] and returned my Bumper since it interfered with headphone and dock connector (see my previous iPhone 4 Bumper review).  I’m just waiting (somewhat impatiently) for the release of more cases like the Otterbox […]

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